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Testosterone Patch Therepy For Woman

For most women, a missed period is typically the first sign of pregnancy. There are many reasons that cause your period to be late. You may also like to read about PMS or Pregnancy? A related article that compares PMS symptoms to the very first pregnancy signs. That is, if you have a regular menstrual cycle that runs like clockwork, month after month. Menstrual cycles can vary each month — a day or two late here, or a few days early there — for a number of reasons.

As long as you have a period every month, you are probably fine. If you ever have concerns, talk to your healthcare provider. Most irregular periods and missed periods are typically benign and do not signal anything serious. They are often caused by a hormonal imbalance your menstrual cycle works in conjunction to a delicate balance of hormonesand this imbalance is easily treated under the supervision and medical guidance of your doctor or healthcare provider.

So, it is normal to miss a period occasionally.

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It is highly recommended that you see a healthcare provider if you miss more than three periods — either consecutively one right after the other or three missed periods during the course of one calendar year.

This might be a cause of concern. A missed period, or an absence of a menstrual period is called amenorrhea in the medical world. This is a medical term for women who experience fewer than eight menstrual periods each year, or infrequent menstrual periods. The same causes for secondary amenorrhea can cause oligomenorrhea.

However, most women with oligomenorrhea have polycystic ovary syndrome. If you are ever worried about missing your period, take a home pregnancy test and make an appointment with your healthcare provider and seek answers! When there is no fertilized egg after ovulation, the blood-rich uterine lining, unfertilized egg, and all the tissues break down and gets shed from your body — this is your period.

Having a missed period might mean that your thick uterine lining has received a fertilized egg, and a baby is growing inside your womb. Despite popular misconception, there is absolutely no possibility of having your period during pregnancy. Read my related article — Implantation Bleeding or Period? Take a home pregnancy test and schedule an appointment with your doctor, gynecologist, or healthcare provider to confirm or deny that you are pregnant.

Helpful Tip: Not all home pregnancy tests are created equal.

Progesterone FAQ

testosterone patch therepy for woman-5537 Some are more sensitive than others. After researching HPTs and their sensitivities to hCG, the pregnancy hormone, I would recommend First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test.

The packaging on any over-the-counter pregnancy test will tell you how sensitive they are. A majority of women who seek fertility help because they are not ovulating.

Anovulation or not ovulating can be caused by a wide range of problems — many of these causes are discussed later in this article. They include polycystic ovarian syndrome to thyroid problems to stress and anxiety.

Progesterone FAQ

Long term use of hormonal birth control — which disrupt ovulation and prevent it from occurring — can also cause anovulation. Being stressed is never good for your health or your body, and it can cause a variety of problems, everything from lowering your immune response to affecting your cardiovascular health.

Stress is also one of the reasons for a missed period. Because your menstrual cycle is regulated by a delicate and complex balance of hormones, anything that can alter the release of those hormones will also affect your periods. Your body is so focused on handling the perceived danger that other normal bodily functions get put on the back burner. So, for example, it is very commonly known that stress delays ovulation. The pituitary gland — which is very involved with how your body handles stress — releases the luteinizing hormone LH and the follicle-stimulating hormone FSHwhich are both crucial hormones during your menstrual cycle.

And when you have a later than normal ovulation, you will have a delayed period or a menstrual period that occurs much later in the month than you expected. If you happen to not ovulate that month, due to stress levels, you will have a missed period, no period at all.

For all of these reasons, being stressed is a very common reason for missed periods, delayed or late periods, and more painful periods. In a nutshell, stress just screws up your periods. Weight gain and weight loss are common causes for menstrual problems, such as a late period or a missed period.

For your body to have a healthy, normal menstrual cycle, you have to have a balance of body fat — not too much and not too little. Being overweight too fat and being underweight too skinny can cause you to have irregular periods. Estrogen plays a crucial role, along with luteinizing hormone and the follicle-stimulating hormone, to help the eggs in your follicle mature and then get released from the ovaries. Similarly, being overweight can also affect your menstrual cycle.

Overweight women have an excess of fat cells in their body, which causes too much estrogen to be produced. As a result, you may not ovulate every month, which means you will have missed periods on a regular basis, or you may have no periods at all.

It is also possible that you go months without having your period. Too many fat cells and too much estrogen can cause many obese and overweight women to suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS — a condition in which your body produces too much estrogen and too much androgens male hormones. PCOS has a genetic component to it, so you are more likely to have the condition if other women in your family have suffered from it. Women with PCOS tend to either have no periods at all, or heavy, irregular periods that can be painful.

PCOS can cause infertility and small cysts to grow on the ovaries. If you are taking hormonal birth control pills, it is not uncommon for you to experience light periods or no period at all — a missed period. Some of the newer birth control pills on the market today — such as Lybrel, Seasonale, Seasonique, Yasmin, Yaz — are combination birth control pills, which change your menstrual cycle regularity.

Missed periods are common with these hormonal contraceptives. Lybrel, for example, is one of the first extended-cycle oral contraceptives, which gives you an active dose of hormones every day, and this birth control pill will stop you from having a period indefinitely, as long as you take it, because it inhibits ovulation.

It purposely causes missed period. Lybrel, however, does come with the risk of breakthrough bleeding and spotting when you least expect it. With the other extended cycle birth control pills, you will still have a period but not as often. For example, with Seasonique, you only have four periods each year, because each pack will last you three months, and you should experience your period the last week of the pack. Like with the other birth control pills, you will experience spotting and bleeding between periods — called breakthrough bleeding.

Seasonale also only gives you four years each year. Yasmin also gives you a lighter, monthly period. Keep in mind, however, that when you stop using birth control pills, sometimes it can take some women anywhere from one to two months to up to half a year before you become fertile again, because their bodies have to re-adjust to being without the hormones.

Some women are fertile right away, but for others, it can definitely take awhile before your body re-adjusts to its normal hormones and functions. Ovulation and menstruation can sometimes take a few months or longer before they return to normal. So you can expect missed periods during this transition. Other hormonal birth control methods, such as the birth control shot Depo-Provera and the birth control implant Implanon and Nexplanon can cause you to have irregular periods and missed periods.

The Depo-Provera birth control method can cause you to experience irregular menstrual bleeding. In fact, irregular menstrual periods and no periods at all missed period is a common side effect of the birth control shot. However, if you are planning to start a family in the near future, you should probably think about avoiding the Depo-Provera injection.

Although some women can get pregnant three to four months after their last injection, it can take other women up to one or two years after they stop getting the injections before they can get pregnant. Breastfeeding is another common reason for missed periods. When you are breastfeeding exclusively — meaning your baby is not getting his or her food source from anything else but your breast milk — this will usually delay your periods from returning.

Prolactin, the hormone that stimulates your milk production, decreases your level of estrogen, so you do not ovulate. As a result, you will experience irregular and missed menstrual periods when you are exclusively breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding, you will experience more of a delay in the return of your periods.

It could be ten weeks or one year, depending on each woman. However, on average, it takes breastfeeding moms about six months to become fertile again. If you are worried about getting pregnant again, start using birth control. Pay attention to your cervical mucus.

These benign tumors can cause irregular periods and missed periods in pre-menopausal women. The tumors are called prolactinomas, and they cause your pituitary gland to produce higher than normal levels of the hormone prolactin the hormone that stimulates your breast milk production. Yes, non-pregnant women still produce prolactin and men do too.

High levels of prolactin in your blood can interfere with your ovary function and cause you to have a lower level of estrogen in your body. If you have a prolactinoma, you may also start to experience menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes. Eating disorders are life-threatening, dangerous conditions that can affect not only your menstrual cycles, but also your overall health. When you have excessively low body weight i. These abnormal hormonal changes are the reason that anorexics and bulimics often stop having periods.

Or no periods at all. Remember that your body needs a certain number of fat cells in order for ovulation and menstruation to take place. When you are way too skinny and have a very low body weight, because of anorexia, everything in your body slows down. Your reproductive organs will shut down, and you will not ovulate and you will not have your periods.

Women who participate in activities and sports that require them to undergo rigorous training often experience skipped periods or no periods at all. The high energy expenditure, stress, and low body fat can contribute to no ovulation and missed periods. There are some medications that can disrupt menstrual cycles.

For example, some chemotherapy drugs, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and oral corticosteroids can cause you to have missed periods, or no menstrual periods at all. More specifically, it requires the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis to be functioning correctly.

The hypothalamus in the brain produces gonadotrophin-releasing hormone, which send a message to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces the most important hormones crucial to ovulation and your menstrual period — luteinizing hormone LH and the follicle-stimulating FSH.

In response to LH and FSH, the ovaries produce estrogen. All work together in a beautiful symphony to create ovulation and your period every month. If anything goes wrong in this orchestra of hormones, and you have a hormonal imbalance, it will screw up your menstrual cycle. Similarly, you might have too much estrogen in your body, and this can also cause you to miss your period. The common hormonal problem that causes missed periods is polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS. It has been mentioned numerous times in this article, because it is one of the most common reasons for missed periods.

With PCOS, your body produces high levels of estrogen and the male hormone, androgen yes, women produce this hormone too. Missed periods are quite common with PCOS. Perimenopause, in detail below, is also an example of a hormonal imbalance that can lead to missed periods. When you hit menopause, this is considered the end of your reproductive life. You stop having periods, and you are no longer able to have children. It starts with perimenopause also called menopause transitionwhich takes place a couple of years before you hit full-blown menopause.

The average length of menopausal transition is about four years, but this can vary. Because your ovaries start to produce less estrogen during perimenopause, it is common to have irregular periods and you may also start to experience common menopausal symptoms — such as hot flashes and decreased sex drive.

Your PMS symptoms may also get worse. Perimenopause can cause your periods to become very wonky. Your cycle can change dramatically. You may have really heavy periods one month, and a lighter period the next. It is also common for your periods to get closer together.

Missing your period is also common with perimenopause. You can still get pregnant during this time, so take a home pregnancy test just to be sure. When early menopause just happens, doctors diagnose you with a condition called primary ovarian insufficiency also known as premature ovarian failure. With early menopause, your body either stops producing the hormones needed for menstruation — such as estrogen and progesterone, or it only produces it intermittently on the months that an egg is released.

Because of these ovarian problems, it can be hard for you to conceive when you are in early menopause. Other women have to go through in vitro fertilization using donor eggs in order to get pregnant. Thyroid disorders can alter the production of the hormone prolactin. This affects your hypothalamus and disrupts your regular menstrual cycle.

As a result, you may have very light periods, or no menstrual periods at all. Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can also come with a crazy ton of stress. From the frenzy of preparing for your trip to actually traveling, knowing exactly where to go and what to do on each day of your travels, this stress level can have a crazy influence on your menstrual cycle. Your exercise and physical activity level also changes. If you work out regularly, you may not have time for this when you are traveling.

Traveling also comes with jet lag. In fact, did you know that studies have shown that many flight attendants who travel all the time experience irregular menstrual cycles late and missed periods due to jet lag and their circadian rhythms being off? Contact your healthcare provider and make an appointment to see your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe medication to help treat you, or he may recommend that you make certain lifestyle changes. Some women miss their periods now and then.

Chances are your period will return next month. It can take me days, or even weeks to get back to you during the busy time. Since I own this blog no one pays for me to writemy paid writing projects take precedence.

So please keep commenting! She is NOT a medical doctor and does NOT offer medical advice. We tested for the possible outcomes that were to appeal but the tests got out negative. I took also pregnancy test and also at the doctors and result are all negative. I have been to my doctors and they tested me for pregnancy, negative. All clear however, my Dr wanted me to go for a scan.

Ovaries right size, releasing eggs periods should be normal. I was being tested for polycystic fibrosis. After that it was unprotected relations. Then it started to skip on October. I got it November then it skipped December. I have had regular periods up until December. Is there a reason why I have not had my period for the last two months? But as I mentioned earlier, I have never had sex. I was very concerned, like you. I talked to an adult that I could trust and it really set my mind at ease.

The best advice I could give you, is talk about it with a trusted adult, parent or guardian. And as soon as I stopped stressing about it, my period returned. Know that period irregularities is VERY common, especially at a young age.

Weight gain, hormone changes and stress caused by puberty, which is what you are going through, are all very common reasons for your period to skip a month or two.

If you have never had any kind of contact with sperm, then it is impossible for you to get pregnant. Try to stay calm and do something fun to keep your mind at ease.

If you miss your period again, I recommend seeing a doctor to ensure all things are in order with your reproductive organs. You are only thirteen, your still maturing so its perfectly normal for your uterus to skip some months. I had sex but it was fully protected ….

Should I make her an appointment with a gyn dr or what? I never have sex without a condom. Do you think this is the result of stress or do you think I might be pregnant?

Please help me put my mind at ease. Hello, I could use a bit of help. Back in September I had sex with my ex boyfriend. It was unprotected, and spontaneous. I was under stress and considered that as a possible factor, but decided to take a pregnancy test anyways. I took two, actually. The first was inconclusive, the second came back negative. Over a week ago, I noticed bleeding. Please go see a doctor. The bleeding can be caused by pregnancy and worse ectopic pregnancy which is life threatening to you.

But the first couple of years you will have a lot of miss months and weeks of periods. After a while depending on your health your period migh miss a couple of weeks or days. Stress can also cause misleading periods day or month so I suggest telling your mom or someone to relief that stress.

Hey doc, I really need help. I live in a place called Kota in Rajasthan. Medical and engineering aspirants come here for preparing themselves and so am I. N the point to be noted is I have always got my periods irregular.

I am really tensed. Being in a country like India even if I go n get myself a pregnancy test kit. Please could you help me? And I have done some research on pregnant women but I have none of the symptoms but I just want to get sure. Could you please help me doctor. Please I need your help.

And I have done some research on pregnant women but I have none of the results but I just want to get sure. Until recently the were semi-irregular, and then in september, it came a week early. I am not sexual ly active in the slightest, but even so I am a little paranoid I might somehow be pregnant.

Thank you so much! Hi, my partner and i use the pull out method during sex. Is it possible i could be pregnant? Ive been experiencing some pains in my stomache but not like period pain.

My doctor said I may have a irregular period. But im paranoid im pregnant Dear Doc. Am not getting periods since last month actually i have done sex and after that next week i got my periods but after that i missed period even though i have done the prega test but it has come negative then also am not getting my periods so what will be reason can you help me in this regard.

I have regular period from last six y dis is I pregnant?? What should I do like are there any home remedies or something? Please help me I would really appreciate it. I am not feeling any pregnancy symptoms except fatigue and a sore lower-back but not to bad either.

Should I wait a few more days and to a HPT again? Should i consult a doctor or not. Hey im sort of like that ive only ever skipped a period one month at a time. If you just got your period or had it for very little time, your period may be irregular at times. If you had sexual activity before you may want to keep the thought in mind to go the doctor. Last month my periods came on time but this month I am late. In that same July my Dr.

Recommended that I start taking clomid so I have done July, August and September on Clomid. I am a virgin and i am not having periods since three months, will there be any problem and how should i sort out this problem.

I am so worried. I thought well it has finally happened I am pregnant. What could be happening now? I did go to the doctor yesterday but I am going crazy thinking of what in the world could this possibly be?

Please advise if you have time. Can this be because of stress? Im currently a college student. Hii I do have a regular menstrual cycle. Before the due date for my period I took antibiotics for UTI. Pls help did it come?? I am very normal. Sometimes i overweight and stressed out. But it got one week late til now i havent even period, i do have cramps but theres no sign of pregnant or tender swollen nipples.

I went to the doctor and everything came back normal, no idea for my missed period. Good luck to you ladies and lots of baby dust!!! Last month my periods was late for a month. I took pregnancy test and it was negative. I visited a doctor she gave me medicine for periods to come. What should I do? I am worried because we are ttc as well? The exact same thing is happening to me. I have hormal in balance and ovarian cysts. But starting two days ago I thought i got my period because after I would pee and clean myself there would be some blood but no blood in my pee.

I also have somewhat of a brown discharge and I have gotten it before but usually before I get my period and not this much. Can you please help me and advice me on what I should do. I would be late for a few weeks then probably a month. I have been to a doctot who told me this is somewhat normal. Cramps comes a week before period. I do feel a bit sick and I have since my cramps were supposed to come. I also have discharge regularly a sort of yeast infectioncan you give me advise on this.

Thank you in advance. Alternative was to inject testosterone cypionate. It was later I realized my husband was scripted the same, but. Mine was half of his! Chin hairs, breaking out on my back…. Never really had regular periods before. Ever since my period has been more irregular.

It would show up a week later every month. I took a pt test today and it said negative. All they can say is am not pregnant. Nothing has really changed with me. Yes am overweigh but always have been and i weigh less than my top weight. My iron would drop so long i had to becare and eat lots of iron rich foods and take iron pills. Most the doctors i seen was more worried about my heavy periods and wanted to know why i never came in for that than my missing periods.

I just want answers and i tired of going to doctor to doctor. If my periods have stopped fine if there something wrong lets fix it. Thats all i want. Any ideas what could it be? They did do one scan last month nothing shown up to be abnormal. I used to have normal periods but periods are always irregular. I noticed my period has been regular and late for sometime now and I cant help being worried.

Please do tell what you think may be wrong…fingers crossed its not menopause…Please God, not yet!!! My menstrual cycle has always been as regular as clockwork. Last month, I had all the customary feelings of my period coming on, I stocked up on tampons and pads.

It arrived — or seemed to — on the due date. It was lightish pink in colour, but it has often started that way, and usually by the second day, the flow is moderate to heavy. Strangely, apart from some pink staining for about three days, no proper period arrived. I continued to experience symptoms similar to PMT and began to retain so much water that I looked pregnant. The water retention went away by itself. My GP tried to assure me that stress caussed my period to be almost non-existent.

He told me that my cycle would regularise. It was due yesterday, and although I have all the symptoms of it being close, I have not shed one single drop of blood. To go from being completely regular to this is so frightening.

Now I miss multiple periods a year, and they often come without warning. That happened last time I had a period. Though, like I said, it could show up any day! But birth control was useless, so my only help is to continue taking my supplements for my adrenal glands. I just need to know why my menstruation you in advance. I knew I was pregnant because I been inactive for about a year then. My OBGYN told me it can be a side effect.

I recently just had a blotch of blood come out. I had sex, yes. Should I take HPT already or just wait for my period to come? And there are no signs of symptoms are showing up. My boobs are still in the same size, not swollen or sore and not getting tender. I am also not craving for anything, my stool is solid.

Is ot possible that I might get pregnant? I hope am ok? My wife was on the depo shot for a year and we decided we wanted to start trying for a baby. Is there a way to reverse the damage, or is it permanent? I wish the doctor would have informed us about the harmful effects of birth control. I havent gotten my period yet, and it really freaked me out so bad.

I really dont know what to do. My periods have been gradually getting shorter and lighter until they stopped altogether…any ideas? My period was getting shorter and shorter until now it has stopped for a whole month. Can you please tell me what has happened since last time you posted.

My doctor gave me birth control, and when I started taking them, I had my period. Then a week after getting off my period, I started my period again for two weeks. I do not remember the last time I had my period. I want my period. My family would call me stout. This kind of helped…. But I have so much stress goi ng on right now and my period being late just adds to it.

And I get cramps, fatigue, etc. But I normally would eat everything in sight. I dont know what to do. Should i see an ob-gyne for this? Can someone offer any advice? Should I get a home pregnancy test to be sure? Im still virgin never has sex. What was wrong in me?

What are the medicine to be take to back my period agin? Now, She dont have her period in the month of may and we are starting to worry. Is it possible that she is pregnant? Pmonth and the day her period starte. I hope you can help us. Tell us what is happening. Is my girlfriend pregnant? Sperm only lives for a few days and ovulations are between cycles. In my experience, it really only delays it a day or so. Sometimes, it actually starts the day after.

Speak to your mom or whoever is your guardian to take you to the doctor. So I stopped taking birth control and continued to smoke. During which I had HEAVY painful periods… I stopped taking the blood thinners as told by a doctor after confirming the clot was off my lungs and gone. Deciding to be a boy will not change that. Surgery or sex change will not change that.

It is in your dna, the wat God made you. Starting periods is normal, and being irregular when starting them is also normal. I understand being a teenager is extremely stressful. Every thing that happens is a matter of life or death, and everything that goes wrong is the end of the world. Your hormones are going crazy and that is why.

I took a pregnancy test at the doctor and it came back negative. I had intercourse a few days before my period was supposed to start. Im on birth control and my boyfriend used a condom. Depending on the birth control method your are, that is what is affecting your cause of not having a period.

Should I be worried? What could be the problem? Plis help me to conceive soon doctor. But I got a negative urine pregnancy test. I have a irregular period cycle. Can I be pregnant? I took two home pregnancy tests but both came negative. I started on some homeopathy medicines in the first week of April but stopped in a week or so perhaps.

What shall I do? This worries me although I am not sexually active it concerns me and worries that I may have something wrong with me. I am in the same situation too. My periods have always been irregular for years.

I already have heavy painful periods that is when I do have them. My Dr seems to think that I could be one of those people that will have periods here there up untill menopause and not have a normal cycle. My primary suggested putting me on the pill to induce a period. I told him no thanks. I just want to know what it could be and what could it lead to down the road. To start off I was in a car accident in late January in which I was sent to the ER. I also studied abroad in March.

I have taken many pregnancy tests and they all come out negative. Thank you for your time. Going through this article, i guess its a case of Uterine scarring. Please what can i do? I feel really bloated and i have back pain as if im tired… Im quite bolimic but it nver affect my period before. I am not usually regular, my period is usually a couple of days early of late, but not THAT late!

About a week later I had sexual contact with my boyfriend without any penetration, ejaculation nor proteccion. I am worried i might be pregnant, but i am not nauseous, no vomiting, no belly bloating, no cramps. Only ocasional breast tenderness, which makes me think my period is on its way but it never comes. I had my period twice on february, which is not common. Thank you DP Nguyen for this article, so very helpful. Am I on a pre-menopausal stage now?

I bled one day in February and have not seen anything since. I want to know what is the cause and if I should see a doctor.

No no you should not worry when you first start your period it takes a while for it to develop properly and get in to a proper cycle so nothing to worry about. Are there any chances that due to this i might not have a baby in future?

We have tried a pregnancy test and it came up negative. She said just today that she was getting cramps and that she has had it for the entire day, but she said they have never been this bad before. I have had sore overies off and on and egg white coloured mucus the past few days but still no sign of anything happening. Do you have any suggestions for me? I see my gynecologist at the end of April for results on a blood test to check my hormone levels, but I am trying to get as much research together to be prepared for whatever bombshell he may drop on me.

Thank you so much. It can take a few years to become regular, and sometimes they stay irregular with how heavy or light the flow is, time between periods, symptoms, etc. I have been taking the pill leonare for about a year and a half now. I forgot to start my next pack of the pill after this period so I decided I would not take it again until I get my period. If y our pick up on your birth control again my bet is you will start your period. Even if you forgot to start it, you should always keep taking it.

JenniP is probably right about your pill, it does mess everything up. I must be blind or tired haha sorry Hi. Also i had Sex last day of my period last month. Did you use protection? Just as a side note, stressing about whether you may be pregnant or not is enough to make your period late! Stress really does wreak havoc on Aunt Flow! Any comments on what is going on? Shoud I see a doctor? I am still waiting for it.

Should I go see a doctor about it? I think you should relax and let your body do its thing. I stopped taking my pills the end of December because we want to get pregnant again. I have taken pregnancy tests and all have been negative. It is now march and my breasts are tender and im wondering if i am pregnant. My partner has had a vasectomy, what is going on? Ive been on the Depo shot and Tri Cyclen Lo as well. Whats wrong with me?

Am I late because of skipping too much? It sounds like you threw your body all out of whack. It can take several months for your hormones to readjust and get back to stable levels. Starting and stopping pills, as well as using them to skip periods wreaks havoc on your hormones. I would say take them as directed, and you should be back on track in a few months. Should I see a doctor? First, why is some creepy guy giving young girls advice on their periods? Everyone is different, but know that in the beginning there is no such thing as regular.

A lot of things can effect your period, as the article says, and stress is a big one! So I would advice you to relax, enjoy being young, and let your body get used to doing its thing! Or did you see a doctor? And if you saw a doctor, what did the doctor said? I was so hopeful that this meant I could be pregnant but all home pregnancy tests say no.

Could this be another disappointing month where I just missed my period? Should I wait and then make a doctors appointment? We so badly want to have another child. My periods tend to be a tad irregular but I always get one. All of my tests keep coming back negative. I was very underweight and have GI issues. I have an appointment with an OB next Thursday. I do have issues with follicular cysts but I am not having symptoms I normally get with them.

I am not sure if I am tricking myself into thinking I am pregnant. But I did ovulate last month according to OV tests…. I think you should make an appointment to ease your worries. I look forward as odd as that sounds to my period. I had all the signs it was coming and then nothing… What Qs should I be asking my Dr since she was not concerned Please help me.

Its like me and my bf are not in direct sexual relationship but we foreplay sex like dry humpfingering etc! And he never cums on me or near me. Can the foreplay be the reason for skipped periods? Also I stopped having sex about a week before period.

Could that been any influence to the timeline? I had taken a urine pregnancy test which resulted to be negative. I consulted the gynaecologist and she told me that I had a biochemical pregnancy.

Have got my thyroid test done which is again Normal. My ultrasound also is normal. I am very much confused as I am not getting my period cycles nor I am pregnant. Also I have starting gain up weight due to missed periods. Although, this being a pregnancy website, that may be a given.

Could be nothing, but if it goes on for a long time or you are sill worried, go to your doctor. Hi dear name is mou. Can someone please help!!! I do have thyroid problems and I have been kissing weight and gaining weight quite a bit lately.

My weight has shifted about twenty pounds lower and and then I gained It back again within a few months. I used to do sex regularly with ma boyfriend. We often use birth control pills rather than condom.

I missed my period since November. N still I do sex n took pills. I check my pregnancy with pregnancy strips. N it shows negative results. I find my belly bigger than before. Plz tell me what can I do? Pls tell me Hi there. I would really appreciate if anyone could give any good advise as I am quite scared.

I had unprotected sex he did not ejaculate in me just over a month ago with my partner. Since then we have not have sex as we have been apart from each other. What are the chances of being pregnant, although I have not had sex since my last period? I appreciate any feedback. Then afterwards, I felt nauseated, developed an intense fever, and with that followed my period. Can anyone possibly help me? I had a pregnancy test and it was negative.

Wat is the problm? Will this cause problm in concieving?? Pls help Hi i havent had my period for a month last time i had sex was thanksgiving weekend. I had a full and normal period in december…around christmas.

In early january i had light spots for two days. Since then ive felt twinge cramps in right ovary and my lower back hurts and i get really emotional or ragey. All signs which normally lead to my period.

But this week noticed my breasts are swollen. I have been diagnosed with pcos but under the care of a doc have been on the pill for years to regulate my periods. Sidebar in jan usually have a two to three week period.

So this is different. So I just disregard that coz maybe its just a change of cycle and other girls I know had also experience that. And it was bothering that I have small amount of pale blood discharge started after my period for november and never stops until now. What do you think happen to me?

When l to the hospital i explained to gyno doctorshe gave me tabs after taking it periods came. Then from that i skipped again three months. For some reason, every three months, my period skips one month. For example, I had my period in June, July, August, skipped September, had it again October, November, December. Is there a reason for this? I know I am not pregnant. I got my blood tests also done and they are negative too.

I havent heve my period for two months now and i am really worried about what will happend to me. I got a pregnancy test but i am negetative. This problem has been giing on for. I want to go to the clinic but i have no money. Can anyone help me with miproblem? I am trying to not freak out. I have been normal for many years! This is a first for me. I am STILL spotting. To make things clear first, I did not have any sexual contact with anyone else.

So the option for pregnancy is very unlikely. But I experienced spotting for what I think is ovulation spotting? Then right now I experience PMS like cramps and sore boobs but still there is no period. Are there medical issues that I overlooked? Pls help, thank you very much! Do not worry, the blood that you see is probably from you being a virgin. That is normal when you have sex for the first time. If you are worried, you can take a test. Just wait and see if you get your period.

When I was your age mine would randomly skip a whole month sometimes. And my skipping period what problem will I face. Im abit scared of her delayed period. She could be stressing out about it and not wanting to worry you or she could just be missing her periods. I used to have lots of missed ones in my youth and then really long ones, too. Either way, the test will give you peace of mind. Good to get checked out anyway once a year. I want to my doctor and they said I not peregant. Should I be worried…?

Can someone really help me? And also yesterday it was like stopping often and again bleed. Today it stopped completely. Please help me m so afraid. And normally I will feel nauseous, bloated, cramp, tired and all when my menses is coming. When to see doc. Feeling a little head heavy and giddy.

When did it come? Or did it come? I checked preg test also. Then to no reaction. Please please suggest me. What is help. I am not as swollen that much but definitely very bloated. I am also getting VERY hormonal, my face is breaking out, getting nauseous, up and down appetite, and I have sore breasts.

I have no idea what is going on but have a referral to go see an obgyn. I am also experiencing pain in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen. But till now i did not get the period again. I am in birth control. Also i checked with pregnancy test device for two times, and its showing negative. After that within two months i got periods normally. Again in the month of august i missed the periods. I consulted a doctor and she said that due to weight gain only i missed the periods. She gave me medicines and she suggest me to loss the weight and diet changes.

I totally changed my food diet and daily doing excersises. With that change i got regular periods for two months. Again i missed the periods now. Now we are planning for children if my periods are over in november. But till now i did not get the periods. What is the problem in me. As i had a operation in april, is there any problem for me while i missing the periods.

Is there any problem in getting the pregnacy. The other day, he convinced me that everything was going to be okay, so once again, we had sex when I was already one day late. While having sex you wasted too much needed astrogen to produce muature egg that is essential for start priod so caused to be late for menstruation Have sex only pleasant environment in ovulation.

Make you more loving and easy to remain normal ever. Neth here, I read your article. And it ease my stress. What is the reason for this, and everytime felt like Period coming in my panties but when i look at it, its a no red all white and sometimes, smelly. Please help me with this! Hi, its an excellent writeup. I have not lost or gained any weight n I m unmarried. I faced the same problem last year. But want to know y am I facing it again and again.

My boyfriend and I have had sex with no protection and did not pull out. Is it possible that I have to get a blood test done? My boyfriend and I have had sex with a condom and he pulled out. I have no symptoms of my period or pregnancy. There is no bleeding at all or any stomach cramps. What is wrong with me? Before i get my period i feel my breast start to feel swollen and since today is Nov. I dont feel different in any way although my breast are sore bc i might get my period this week….

My boyfriend and I have been having a lot of sex the past couple of weeks since then. Ok so I am very concerned at the moment. NEED ANSWERS BEFORE I SEE MY DOCTOR PLEASE!!!! Hi I have had some problems with my stomach when finish eating food and have not had my period since July and its October.

I had just come back from an overseas trip to visit my boyfriend, so thought that might have thrown it off temporarily. What would you recommend? Instead of immediately thinking wow, the most common scientific reason for missing a period is due to pregnancy but that does not apply to me so how dare the author write about it. Since my mom has been ill my body and period have been messed up completely. However, I worry I might have premature menopause or a serious health issue.

I really wish I had someone to talk too! I think antidepressants can also mess with your period and make them irregular sometimes. Please re-word the sentence because people who miss their periods and havent had sex, even straight women, are not necessarily pregnant.

I think the author wrote that comment for this reason, and this reason only. There are also a ton of positive things one should consider doing, such as taking prenatal vitamins etc. Hi, I am Chloe and I am very worried with my menstruation because my first period was last year around Aug. Thanks for your time! Hi, I am Chloe and I am very worried with my mentruation because my first period was last year around Aug.

What do you think? My fiance periods is eight days delayed, still counting. SHE is a cabin attendant and manages hectic schedule. WE had unprotected sex few times, and I used the withdraw method, like WE always do. I am Indian national. My first and second pregnancies ended up in miscarriage in first trimester. I never had regular periods except the last few. The last one i took is yesterday. Can you please suggest me on not getting period this month?

Please can you give me some advice. My period was suppose to start last Friday Sept. All I want to know is if my period is late or missed? But this month reverse is the case and i get scared everyday I woke up with no blood coming out of me menstruation on my pant.

Have done several urine pregnancy test and the result was all negative,and just two days ago,I did blood test again to be more sure but all results proved negative.

What do I need to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated hello, my girlfriend and i just started going out and having sex, its been almost two months and she has missed her period by a couple of days and she is freaking out and she is scared. After that my period cycles was coming on time.

But nowthis month its late. Plz do tell me m I pregnant or what happened to me? Your information is incorrect. You can still get your period when you are pregnant. Ever considered ectopic pregnancy????! I only missed my period when I was pregnant in the past and normally bleed very heavy. My abdomen is hard to the touch and I have been nauseated and have had diarreah for the past few days. I have never been late for a period or anything else. I have also been bloated.

I took a home pregnancy test just today and it was negative. Ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer runs in my family so it is a concern of mine. If you have any ideas what this could possibly be caused from please let me know! Thank you in advance! I had a stillbirth last year september and ever since then till now milk still comes out of my i was told i cant get pregnant if the milk keeps coming dr gave mi some drugs ova-mit and Brameston to help the milk dry up.

Plz ur reply will do mi a lot of good bcos I really want to carry my bundle of joy. I pray am pregnant. I have been exercising often and I push myself with abs exercises…. Because I know I am not pregnant. I Have a few questions which I would really like to have some answers for! Our last time was the night before we came home and I again rubbed myself against her and put it in for a few seconds without wearing a condom but each time we really got into it I put a condom on and ejaculated inside the condom!

So she got her period about a day or two after we came home! What I wanna know is, can I be sure that she is not pregnant since she got her period? And if somehow sperm got inside of her is there still a chance that she can get pregnant even after getting her period?? I just wanna be sure? When should I expect my periods now? Are dere any chances of pregnancy? I am really worried. I take a home pragnancy test but is was negative. So what is the for it?

I have a small tumor on my rught breast. So I am taking a homoeopathic medicine for it. Is it the reason for missing my period?? Please i really need help! Am worried and lost. Thank you so much for this article. Its been very informative.

I also travel and work alot. I spotted the first two months, but now theres nothing. Im pretty stressed and depessed. I also took an EPT to be sure. What should i do???? This happened early yesterday. Is it too early for a pregnancy test?

Hi, just coming across this! Hoping I will get a response too. Could i be pregnant? Its almost a week now. Also there was a sudden death of one of my family members. I am sexually active with my bf. I took test after test after test at home and they were all negative. I went to my gyno and another test came back negative.

Is it possible that maybe i could be pregnant but my body isnt regeristing it? Like is it possible for pregnancy test to come back negative but actually be positive? I mean there has been stranger things happen in medicine…… It is common for hpt to show a false negative.

But it is VERY unheard of to get a false positives. I got my first period at the end of April. I never got one in may. Should I be worried. Is it normal for girls who just start their periods to skip? This is my second year of menstruation.

Or is it normal to sometimes miss menstruation cycles at my age? Should i be concerned. I do work long night shifts and drive but i dont find myself stressed and exercise regulary. Should i visit a professional? Hey, please did you find out why you missed your period, cause am experiencing the same thing and am slightly scared. Its making me worry because it might be something, like a disease or what. Does somebody here got their period after a month or so?

Please i badly need your answer. My periods have always been on time, until now. Times I missed them was when I was pregnant with our boys. Should I be worried and go see my Dr or wait it out. And by the way what are the odds I decide to try to get pregnant and miss my period that same cycle! I missed one, then had one, then missed another, and had another, then missed a third. I have always had problems with my periods, a lot of pain and irregular but I have still always had a period every month even if they have been late.

I have missed a couple of periods before but it was always just one out of nearly a year, which i put down to stress.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking up pregnancy with false negatives and now this one. After the baby was born my period had no problems jumping back into regular action…like clockwork. My sister, niece and all my girls went on a little vacation and the way I calculate it I should have been coming on while I was there…no show! The nausea I feel comes and goes very quickly.

Oh…did I mention b the lower back pain. Have you take a HPT or gone to the doctor for a blood pregnancy test? Im going to the doctor next week, im terrified, but i also took some at home tests, i totally feel you. Please lmk if you find anything out. Ill do the same. After that cycle, my period has not came on at all.

What could be happening and I will make an appointment. She said they came out normal, everything is negative. I have missed periods before but apparently they are often irregular until you have your period for a couple of years. I still seem to have an irregular cycle, even after three years, should I get this checked out?

I had a polyp removed last year and it was not cancerous. I take a birth control where you do not have a period but four times a year. I recently was supposed to start my period but havent. I feel like I am but it is not happening.

I did a home pregnancy www.2015genelsecim.orgve…my periods have been irregular…what cud be the reason Hi. I have had irregular menstruation in the past. Sometimes, it is on time. It was a short one. I have never had any sexual activity so I am sure I am not pregnant.

I always had very irregular periods and checked up with my cousin who is a gynecologist. She asked me to get some tests and told me all is well after seeing the reports.

I was not very convinced but then I stopped bothering. Due to stress of moving across the country. I do have a problem with ovarian cyst though. I just need advice. She is heavy weight. Will it is harmful for my wife she is missing her periods on time and please guide me what should i do for this. I have not started my period since the baby was born. I barely even had any bleeding after the birth. Do you know what could be causing this? I had my hormone levels check and a pregnancy test at the same time and all was normal.

Hi and thank you for the article. Before that, my period was still really late. Yes I have been sexually active, with no protection. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative???? Please reply your opinion. I do have questions though. Once the IUD was out I started noticing a huge improvement in my headaches.

I have taken numerous home tests, but all have come up negative. Also, I had to purchase a bigger bra due to my breasts growing practically overnight went from a b cup to a c cup. What kind of suggestions would you have for me?

I just want answers, and no where have I read that has explained all of my symptoms at the same time. Your period time will turn unusual depends on your health and your condition.

You also have to get blood pregnancy test to make sure. Things like gaining or losing weight or excess stress or exercise can throw your cycle off from month to month.

My period is three days late. A condom was put on for the rest of the time. He came inside, with the condom on. I am wondering about precum. I am stressing myself to the max and am going over every detail many times.

My nipples are tender, as they always are a few days before my period, so that is giving me some no period. Yesterday, I had some mucousy discharge with barely any bit of blood when I wiped after urinating and that was the only time I noticed that. Could these three reasons be why my period is three days late? I cannot be pregnant right now, it is not the time for me.

I will be going to my gynecologist to talk to her about this yeast infection and my late period. When i was pregnant with my daughter and they did a pap. I never went back to do another pap. Please help me get some answers, i would really appricate it. Thanks Last month i had my periods but now its pregnant becoz no sex after last period.

My periods are on and off all of a sudden. I have never gone three months without a period though. However in September my period began messing around. Both these times I thought I was pregnant however I was not. However last month it lasted a full week with usual period pain on the first two days then the last two as well. I know I cannot be pregnant has we used a condom every time and none broke. I am so stressed and worried.

I would love if you could give me some advice. I came off the hormonal evra patch contraceptive in january. Could that be what has stopped my cycles? Is there any way i can aid my body in getting back to normal? Last month, though, I missed my period. Even though i skipped a period could i still get pregnant?

Also, i recently got into a minor car accident and was checked by the doctors and they said i was fine. I have a daughter. I missed it again and it came the next month lighter and shorter. Very long and heavy. Thanks for your time. Can you get pregnant from spilling semen from your mouth onto your body and then immediately washing it off with soap??? Hi, so I am usually on birth control called microgestion. I was one day late on my period and it was normal for me. I wander if the irregularity of me taken the birth control could effect my period or if it was because I had sex.

Hi my name is jordan i am a couple months late and i am not sexually active. I was sexually active with my SO before I missed the first one, and again before I missed the second one. It sounds silly, I know. I havent had a period for several months now. January was the last. Ive been spotting since then and im scared. Ive always been on time. I also tried pregnancy test and it turns out negative.

I already test myself thrice and the answer is negative. Please message me if you read this. I want to know the answer. I took a hpt about a week ago,but it was of last week i was going through alot of changes,such as,night sweats,very frequent urinating,increased appetite and food cravings, vinegar and chocolate ,bloating,slight pelvic pressure,tired but cant list goes on and on…so im concerned as to what is happening to my body,am i perhaps pregnant or am i having pre-menopause advice would be helpful,thank you.

I just recently stopped taking my birth control right after my last period. I just want to know so I can better prepare myself and home for a baby! Please reply any advice you have! I had my period last month and have taken my birth control pills every day at the same time this month.

I have had a very stressful month though. I expected my period Monday and it is now almost Saturday. I took a at home pregnancy test on Wednesday night and then again Thursday morning and both came back negative, but I still have not received my period.

What should I do. My mom is telling to become sick. Really I am nervous. It has now been like eight days. I am really worried because that never really happened before, and i am sure i am not pregnant as i am not sexually active. Is it something normal or i should really visit a doctor. I just went to my doctor and she took it very seriously. She is testing a whole bunch of my hormone levels and did an ultrasound. I am telling you this because I think you should go somewhere else.

I think any respectable doctor would be very concerned by your symptoms. Could I be pregnant? I feel like my hormonal balance is just dropping so low for me to be such in a different mood all the time. Unfortunately, none of that makes me any less worried.

I dont want to go to the clinic because im scared of what might be the My period was often light and would always skip months. After one year I stopped getting my period for almost two years. I just got it a couple days ago and am so relieved, but im also confused as to why this occurred. What can be my issue?

Took a few tests, negative. I bought the ClearBlue test that gives you the estimated weeks and im gonna take it tonight. I went off the pill months ago and know this is not the cause. I do however live a very busy life and have been wondering if it could be stress related? The strange thing is, that I dont really feel very stressed a lot of the time. Every now and then I get cramps, but nothing happens. I can sense also that nothing is going to happen. Its like my body just suddenly decided to pack up its reproductive organs and take them for a holiday without bothering to tell me where or why.

Under going stress since I lost my job searching for jobs since Aug anixity levels fluctuate and I believe are higher now also more nerves prior to interviews and bad relationship problems. In October I was under extreme stress and did not get my period so I know that is the reason for missing my period that month. I am having the same issue. I went to my doctor and she tested my TSH, FSH, LH, and prolactin levels. She also did an ultrasound. I am going back in a few days to find out the results.

Btw i satrted taking the pill because i have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, should i do a HPT? Then went to the doctors a week and half ago to have blood work done to see and that came out negitive. Today took another pregnancy test still negative. He said that i should wait and see if i miss another one and then he will look more into it.

Should i go to another doctor? I also went into a clinic and took a test in December and negative as well. My Menstruals are sometimes abnormal but not to where I miss a whole month at a time. Im kind of scared to go to the dr because im scared of bad news! I am sort of stressed, but its nothing I have dealt with before. I have problem of anemia and I am taking medicines for that under doctors supervision as n when I require.

If you are sick, the sooner they catch it, the better your outcome and the better chance they will be able to heal it! What might possibly be going on? So far it has no sign of showing up. What should i do? So… I am a really anxious person when it comes to this topic. But this month I was extra scared of being pregnant so I bought two pregnancy tests and took one on the day my period was supposed to start and one the day after, both said I was not, but I am still not bleeding. I have the symptoms of a period, but no blood.

This is the first time this has happened and I think it from stress and anxiety and from the pill, should I be worried? It might be stress and anxiety, but I definitely would take a home pregnancy test, just to be sure.

I have always had late periods. I refused to take those pills. I started taking the birth control pills that were prescribed, but I have been having unpleasant side effects. Hot flashes, I get dizzy, I feel the need to throw up, and I get headaches. I need help on what to do. Ive never told anyone not even my mom. Sometimes when my mom ask me am I regular I tell her yea.

I was active all my life and was a professionally working person. Its starting to worry me. I am not pregnant either also I am on medication for a slight hyperthyroid. But it has never affected me on my weight. I am idle most of the time. Is that the reason I am not having regular periods. Please help me… Hello. I want to stop taking the pill but my question is, can I become pregnant if I stop taking the pill?

What if I abstain from having sex when I decide to stop taking the pill, will I still get pregnant? For example, if my partner and I have sex a day before I stop taking the pill, will I become pregnant? I had intercource with my frnd but we had done protective sex. I it possible that the experience I went through is the cause of my cycle to have shifted. I have done a pregnancy test and it was negative as I know this would be the first thing to rule out.

After dat she used pill Lydia contraceptive. We had the test a clinic and the result is negative. Is it possible that i get pregnant? I have to deal lots of responsibilities at home,take care my kids,financial and look after my sick mother in kindly give me some advice what to do? Your response is highly you so much. Im freaking out I havent had sex or anything but still what do I do?!?!

So I have a question here. Im sure you are ok but if your worried I would tell your mom or caregiver your concerned and to make a doctor appointment for you.

I have missed my period for three months already and I have read everything. So nothing has happened. I havent been having any sex or on any birth control Hello. I moved in with my best friend, who is on the Mirana IUD. She never gets her period. I was wondering if I could maybe be on the same cycle as my roommate causing me not to get a period. I currently have the same situation and its freaking me out. Thanks for the help! Can this also be contributing to my inability to lose weight?

Thank you I normally get my periods on time. I did take a contraceptive pill in august. Not sure if its due to new job stress and diet changes… but its is very stressful at the moment…. I always seem to go two to three mouth with it being right on time like clock work but every now and again it would just stop coming.

I also lose of sex drive. Hope this helps, or at least maybe leads you in the right direction! But my period just started again.

The younger you start your period, the longer it takes to stabilize. For grins and giggles I did a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I have had signs of getting ready to start, but nothing yet.

I can sometimes be a week late but never this late. My period usually comes exactly on time each month and now its just gone! I could not possibly be pregnant as I have not had sex would you have any idea what it is? If this makes you feel better! I almost missed my period for a month! It was a relief for me. I think the stress was causing me to miss it. I cannot be pregnant as I am not sexually active.

I am actually worried. Looking forward for your reply. They finally got regular on the dot as they have always been. I have been having huger attacks, heart burn and gas but both my blood test and HPT are negative. I have never been pregnant and keep wondering why this keeps happening and am sexually active.

I got my ultrasound done earlier this year and it was all clear. I got myself checked for pregnancy and i am not www.2015genelsecim.orgr i still hve nnot had my periods. I have been stressed out due to studies and gained fat too. Im having the same problem too! Like almost exactly the same, i posted the post right under yours. I really hope someone with some knowledge replies to us soon!

I have the same problem. My case os excatly the same. None of us came. Then it got around the end of august and i started having sex with my boyfriend regularly.

We did use protection at first but now we dont. Thats not the problem though. This UTI didnt cause burning whenever i had to pee but instead caused blood to come out only when i went to the bathroom and maybe some spotting during it. This was NOT my period for ive had my period for long enough to know the difference. I took the antibiotics and it cleared up. At this same time i had gotten a prescription for birth control. About a week later the UTI came back and was bleeding again.

I was beginning to be annoyed and worried i wasnt getting my period so i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Right after that i had taken the Plan B morning after pill because of an accident with my boyfriend during sex. Anyway, i went back to the doctor and again it said i had a UTI. I took more antibiotics for that and it cleared up. A few days after that it started to bleed yet again. I went back to the doctors and they determined there was absolutely nothing wrong and it wasnt a UTI.

It was still bleeding though. So basically because they told me it wasnt a UTI i wated about a week, all the while bleeding when i go to the bathroom and not my period blood. I knew this shouldnt be happening so i went back, and they told me that there was a bit of indication of a UTI but it should have been taken care of by the meds. I was perscribed more antibiotics for a longer period of time and so far the bleeding has not came back.

I am very angry because all i want is for my period to come so i can start taking the birth control, since it says i have to wait till the sunday after my next period to take it. Well that next period hasnt come yet.

Do you have any idea what might be wrong? I have been to a GYN and female hormone and thyroid bloodwork and ultrasound are fine. My periods for the past two years have become lighter and lighter. I do not have headaches. I am however hot at night and sometimes the day. I had sex in July, I even took Ipill and one week after that I got my menses. I need your help. I have missed one period and i am waiting for the second. After which the doctor gave me provera and i got my periods www.2015genelsecim.orgr this time we are ttc and i was never on birth control sure if i am pregnant ,i took a test somedays back it came out to be negative.

I am not stressed and have normal weight. Can you pls advice on this? I have taken numerous pregnancy tests but they always come out negative so I know I cannot be pregnant. One week out of every month I would start getting cramps, cravings, and become moody as if I were about to start but would never get my period.

I have always had problems with my period but this would have to be the worst that has happened to me.

Yesterday I had my period for the first time in those sixth months and I had thought I would never be so happy to l get it. But today it is completely gone. I am worried about this but I do not know what to do especially when it comes to seeking medical attention.

Do you know what could be the cause of this? I am worried that this may ruin my chance of some day actually having any kids which is something I want. I am so confused. I was told that the stress of trying has caused me to stop ovulating. It is even more stressful knowing this!! Will our bodies suddenly just ovulate or will we have a period first and then ovulate? I take Lo Loestrin Fe and Lexapro Generic.

I have taken birth control in the past and never missed a period. What can be the cause of this Hello. My periods are completely off balance.

Can I be pregnant?? Hi how are you out of no where my periods have stopped coming each month. For example I had a period in May then nothing until July and now we are in September and still nothing does this sound like premature ovary failure to you?

The projected date was Sept. I am concerned what it could be. I have been under a lot of stress and intense sports practice every day, which could be a reason as your article said. I assumed it was due to stress from working so much. Thank you so much for any advice. I just started back to school so I figured it might be the change in my sleeping schedule. I have not had a period in two months. I definitely know that I am not pregnant. I have taken birth control for a few years, but stopped taken it back in December.

My last period was in June. I missed July and I am missing this months. But I also just started taking my birth control again last week. I have been cramping like I am about to start but nada. Do I just have to wait or should I call my doctor now? I have always been fairly regular. The next month was fine. Then two weeks late again. Almost two weeks late now. I have felt like I am going to start for the last two weeks. Had tubes tied over three years. I am positive I am not pregnant.

Any ideas what is going on? I am a virgin. I do take birth control and I regularly have my period. I have missed my last two periods though. Is the absence of this second period the cause of me not taking my brown pills last month?

Im kinda in the same boat. It has been two weeks since we had intercourse.

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